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Arpico Project

Arpico is an island-wide supermarket of Sri Lanka, for almost any household items. One of their recent, huge investment is ‘Arpico Supercenter’; the nation’s largest supermarket. Housing all household items, from furniture to cutlery items to foods. There is no doubt that Arpico with its new Supercenters is a successful front-runner in the industry.

Arpico is one good example that is more than enough for our Supercenter projects. Reliance Networks Holdings is the proud suppliers of CCTV and Security Systems in all Arpico outlets nation-wide. It is one of the biggest projects Reliance Networks Holdings have carried out.

We supplied Arpico with world-class products and solutions. Our skilled experts analyzed the surroundings and carefully positioned each camera; so that the place needs the least number of cameras to calculate the entire surroundings. We provided them with high-resolution cameras and state-of-the-art security features including motion detectors, face detection technology, an intrusion detector and so on.

With our reliable products and trustworthy solution, Arpico is now a well-secured place.