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raking is one of the few trusted online rankings that evaluates companies and their products in the global market of Video Surveillance, Access Control, Security, etc. Over the recent past technology in every industry including automotive, entertainment, security, mobile, etc. is been developing at a very rapid pace. The development is so rapid that common people are confused and are unable evaluate which is the leading technology in today’s world. Security, Video Surveillance industry is one big sector where this ‘confusion’ is becoming increased everyday thanks to its fierce, dedicated manufacturers and organizations. Hence, such critics are the way of clearance for common people. Industrial journalists, critics, raters, etc. conduct research, study and evaluate products, new-entries, and manufacturers in the market. This helps the public to obtain a clear picture of the market situation. Asmag Rankings is one such dedicated community that evaluates products on Security and Surveillance sector. is been evaluating HIKVISION and its CCTV products from the year 2011. In 2014 Asmag Ratings, HIKVISION is been award as the World’s No. 1 under their ‘Video Surveillance’ category and No.3 under their ‘Top Security’ category.

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HIKVISION has shown promising developments in Asmag Rating when compared with the past year results. In 2010, HIKVISION was only rated as No. 10 under the ‘Top Security 50’ category. Four years later, they have raised themselves to the third position in the world. In 2013, the total revenue of HIKVISION is nearly USD 1.6 billion. This was approximately 50% increase compared to their previous year’s revenue at USD 1.09 billion.

It was concluded that HIKVISION with this progress retained is all set to capture surveillance industry and become the market leader in all divisions of security industry within the next few years to come.

 Why follow brands?

It is a common question that what creates the necessity to follow-up a particular brand when cheap products that perform the same job can be obtained. It is true that there are many CCTV products available in the today’s market at cheaper price compared to HIKVISION. However, price is not the only matter that requires consideration when selecting a product. Quality, Efficiency, Advancements, Durability, Warranty, and Variety are all other factors that requires consideration along with Price. People, in general, choose a particular brand as it simply ensures that all the above factors are met higher to a satisfactory level. Buying a branded product, especially in the technology industry, assures that the device or product is a quality, efficient, advanced, durable and warranted. It guarantees that there shall be no or minimal technical errors in the future. Nevertheless, in order to bring such “good” products to the market, it demands a decent amount of expenditure to be made, in both designing and manufacturing stages. This is the major reason why branded products are expensive compared to others.

How so ever, the final conclusion remains that brands ensure finest quality, best efficiency, high performance, innovative thinking and advancements, long durability, and warranted products. Hence, it is more advisable to approach for a brand than to buy cheap products and waste time and money in future repairing those products.