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Pub, Nightclub and Casino


Pub, Nightclub and Casino

Sri Lanka, over the past decade has adapted to a different opinion with regard to pubs, nightclubs, and casinos. Pub and nightclub visits are now becoming the trend of young generation in our society. Nevertheless, from a business standpoint, it is indeed a successful investment given credit to increasing customers. The issues with pubs, nightclubs and casinos are much alike with restaurants and hotels. Theft, dishonesty, irresponsibility, and security are continuing issues.

  • Waiters or bartenders giving free drinks for their personal benefits. Offering free drinks to customers without management’s knowledge is a defamer of successful business. These drinks are offered largely to attain personal benefits for the waiters.
  • Disloyal waiters, or employees taking drinks for themselves without management’s approval is also unacceptable. It shrinks the stock count and profit, and adds more expenses to the pub. Some tend to steal money from the employer as well.
  • Identity-check, crowd-monitoring are crucial in pubs and nightclubs, as there are ample opportunities to dispute among crowd and underage-cases.
  • Security should be extremely tight with close monitoring of all visitors in a casino to prevent any fraud at any occasions.
  • Casinos require advanced security features to control access to its restricted areas.

Implementing a CCTV system with professional consultations, could greatly reduce such problems.

CCTV system benefits the management through,

  • Provision of full CCTV coverage
  • Reduce internal thefts
  • Advanced security features
  • High resolution video
  • True Day/Night feature
  • Remote monitoring

Reliance Networks can provide excellent CCTV solutions to pubs, nightclubs and casinos that greatly reduces theft and benefits the management in many ways. Our solutions contains world-class products with affordable prices.