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Brandix Project

Brandix is a well-reputed leading manufacturer of garments and clothing accessories. They have several branches in and out of Sri Lanka, working toward a great height in garment industry. Reliance Networks is proud to be the provider of CCTV and Security Systems for all Brandix locations in Sri Lanka.

Brandix handpicked Reliance Networks for their CCTV security systems. They evaluated our products, solutions, and services against all CCTV suppliers in our nation. It is only after such serious evaluation they decided to give the project to our hands. The result of their hard examination over us is itself an evident to our CCTV solutions being the best in the nation.

The project with Brandix is still successfully ongoing. We have completed half of their location well within the promised time.

Brandix being one of our prestigious customer, it is no doubt that we delivered our best of us to them. However, it is not only for them, but our service is impartial to all our clients. We provided Brandix with the best of our camera equipped with high resolution image, optimal efficiency, remote monitoring, and all advanced security features in our list. Our solution has pushed Brandix to awe and experience the new level of security system.

With advanced security features such as People Counting, Face Detection, Motion Detection, and so on; the management of Brandix has become more ease in their security systems, time and attendance management. After delivering them a world-class service, it is no wonder that their management is more than pleased with us, our products, our solutions, and our service.