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HIKVISION Building CCTV Solutions



The importance of CCTV in Buildings.

Buildings differ in its ownership as government, public, corporate, and individual. Our envelope of the building includes all government properties, supermarkets, shopping malls, cinema halls, construction sites, industrial sites, religious sites, and much more. Buildings also vary diversely, depending on their purpose, geography and architectural structure. Every building or site is faced with numerous security issues which also varies with their structure, functions, crowd-density, etc.

  • Theft is a common issue in all places of Sri Lanka. The increasing amount of theft in Government properties, construction sites, shopping malls, and other buildings is a concerning matter.
  • Government sites and properties, including buildings, monuments, and public parks have a high national value and tourist attraction. These places have a need to be secure to protect both local and tourists.
  • Monitoring daily operations of construction sites, industrial sites, shopping malls, etc. are increasingly difficult as they gain popularity. With increasing visitors, it is increasingly difficult to rely on manpower alone.
  • Employees stealing or cheating from their own employer is one of the unexplainable cause of profit shrinkage or property shrinkage. Uncovering such incidents require continuous, steady, backed-up monitoring system.
  • Unmonitored construction sites are an ideal place for criminals to shelter themselves, or hide any illegal-belongings.
  • Religious sites, while festival season or special occasions are mostly filled with the excess crowd including VIPs, and special guests. The place needs to be well secured.

CCTV system can provide an elegant solution to all these issues.

Some of our recent projects include Keells Supermarket, Arpico Supercenter, Laugh Supermarket, Kothalawala Defense Universities, Pizza Hut, etc.


 Benefits of CCTV in a Building.

Installation of CCTV system can readily prevent any crimes within its range. Reduce theft, and constantly monitor daily operations as well. It is a huge and convenient advantage in the security of the building. Public, visitors, workers, and management attains a peace of mind with the CCTV system installed.

Our surveillance experts have a decade old experience in the field and have been involved in many projects in the past and present. With such experience, we are confident that we can deliver the best solution to any building in this country.

We can study the building and its surrounding and precisely point the best locations for cameras. We can help you select the best camera type that fits your budget and as well as purpose.

Large area with its need for more number of cameras elevates the cost greatly. But, by the precise allocation of cameras, and selection base on a budget can make a significant reduction in cost. Hence we can assure that we provide the most cost effective solution.

Other benefits include,

  • Monitor activities in every place of your site
  • Monitor your stores and stores activities
  • Reduce annual theft losses
  • Deter internal theft by employees & contractors
  • Monitor day-to-day operations
  • View facility while off-site on a smartphone or tablet
  • Improve customer service
  • Ward off trespassers and vandals
  • Decrease liability from frivolous claims & lawsuits
 Hikvision Advantages

Our Hikvision DVR (Digital Video Recorder), NVR (Network Video Recorder) for the CCTV system can be customized to sit well with any building environment. And comes with numerous recording features. These recording features include the following,



  • Remote monitoring through your Android, iOS, or any other operating systems
  • Motion detection recording
  • Time recording
  • 24*7 non-stop recording
  • Privacy marks
  • Video loss details
  • Intrusion detection
  • Pre-alarm recording
  • Trespass (unauthorized access) recording
  • From 6 months to 2 years continuous recording facility; based on hard drive capacity
  • Compatible with 3rd party products
  • Digital and Optical zoom capacity
  • Motion detection alarm support with siren sounds
  • Cashier activity detection

Advanced recording features,

  • People counting
  • Face detection
  • Behavior detection
  • Vehicle number plate detection and recording
  • Object missing recording
  • Raid recording, up to 15


Remote Monitoring of CCTV System




The newest advancement of Hikvison CCTV System is the ability to view CCTV footage in real-time from your mobile devices. This is a ground-breaking contemporary solution adapting the use of the internet.

The process of this technology is sophisticated, but it is made simple through the new and advanced DVRs from Hikvision. The latest DVRs from Hikvision has the ability to connect with the internet, allowing the device to perform an additional function – transfer all CCTV video over the internet. Hence, any devices with the necessary software and access code can easily receive and display those videos, in real-time. This includes PC, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc. The device needs to be installed with appropriate software which comes with the CCTV System to successfully receive the videos over the internet. The software support almost all operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Blackberry OS.

Reliance Networks Holdings can bring you the best remote monitoring technology in the world.

Benefits of Hikvision Remote Monitoring.

  • Can work with any devices including PC, Laptop, Mobile Phones, and Tablets.
  • Works well with all operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Blackberry.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Allows monitoring in real-time.
  • Allows viewing or playback of previous CCTV footage from your mobile device.
  • Can be viewed from anywhere in the world with a valid internet connection.
  • User-friendly applications makes easy to operate.
  • Can support high-resolution video and zoom features.
  • Smooth and uninterrupted display of videos.
  • Supports any number of CCTV channels.
  • Allows CCTV management easy through remote monitoring.

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