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Cashier Monitoring


PRICE Rs 19,000.00/=


CCTV Cameras are produced with a wide range of specifications; varying in dimensions, in-built features, zoom capacity, etc. This gives CCTV cameras the flexibility it requires to harmonize well with environment and purpose. Positioning a security camera anywhere also comes handy with this attained.

Placing a security camera pointing towards the cashier or at the closest distance possible, is much recommended.

  • It allows close monitoring of the cashier or his/her activities especially while dealing with money. It ensures that the person doesn’t make any mistakes or any attempts to be disloyal.
  • It enables to monitor behavior of any other person who comes near to the cashier or cash counter.
  • It records all activities occurring in a cash counter. The recorded files are a liable evidence to validate any claims by the cashier or customer.
  • This can be placed in shops, retail outlets, supermarkets as well to prevent cashier from using tricks to pass free goods to friends by obscuring the bar code, slipping an item behind the scanner or passing two items at a time but charging for one.
  • This high-resolution camera can be set with sound or motion activation. The passive infrared (PIR) motion detection sensor allows the camera to detect an individual within an 8–metre range of the unit and automatically triggers an alarm response.

The special features of our Cashier-Cam are as follows,


DS-2CD2412F-I (W): Characteristics

  • Full HD 720p to 1080p video recording
  • Up to 10m IR
  • PIR
  • Support On-board Storage, up to 128GB
  • Built-in Wi-Fi optional


  • 3MP resolution with HD video recording
  • Super low-light
  • PIR human detection
  • Embedded alarm device I/O transceiver
  • Built-in Wi-Fi1.3MP to 3MP resolution