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DVR is the abbreviated form for Digital Video Recorder. DVR is one of the central pieces in a CCTV system. Its main function is to record and store all video footages captured by the CCTV cameras in the system. The performance of a DVR varies with its inbuilt functions, storage capacity, and the ability to handle cameras. DVR uses an inbuilt media to store CCTV videos. The storage capacity of the DVR depends on fundamentally on the capacity of the storage media.
Reliance Networks Holdings brings you the best CCTV products in the world, from Hikvision. We deliver the best collection of DVR with varying specifications to suit all client purposes. Hikvision DVR can handle any number of CCTV cameras, from 4 channel to 128 channel. Our DVR can support high resolution images reaching up to 1080p. Hikvision DVRs has numerous advanced security features, including motion detection.