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CCTV Camera installation

CCTV has now become one of the trending technologies in Sri Lanka. The importance and benefits of a surveillance security system or CCTV security cameras have been understood by almost all.


CCTV systems are now being installed in homes, hotels, offices, buildings, public places, industrial places, etc. The distribution of CCTV cameras has also spread island-wide varying with vendors and brands.

Many companies have taken the business of CCTV in Sri Lanka today. But, the question of trustworthiness on these companies remains high. Very few vendors have obtained the genuine partnership with quality manufacturers and products. Reliance Networks Holdings have earned its topmost position in the list of such reliable companies.

Buying CCTV and fixing it might not be as easy as it seems. The touch of a real surveillance expert brings a significant difference in the installation of a CCTV system compared to an ordinary person. In order to obtain the maximum efficiency from a Security Camera System in both cost and performance, a broader knowledge covering all corners of surveillance topic is required. Constant updates of products in the market helps you to know which product has the best specifications to exactly suit a particular requirement. With all these knowledge, it is possible to wisely choose the correct product required.

The installation of a CCTV is also not as simple. Positions of cameras, wiring requirements, and any other accessories required for fixing should be estimated with minimal wastage in mind. The positioning of the cameras has to be precise and mindful to obtain maximum coverage while using the minimum number of cameras. Wiring has to clever, neat, and efficient to reduce cost by wastage and unnecessary extended-wirings.

Although many vendors provide CCTV cameras, only a few CCTV camera installation companies in Sri Lanka are effective. It is only such companies provide careful and efficient installations. Reliance Networks Holdings provide expert service in CCTV camera installation. Our highly skilled professional team ensures that the CCTV system is fitted with maximum efficiency. We ensure that no building structure is damaged unnecessarily. And that the entire installation process is quick and cost-effective.