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CCTV in Jaffna

CCTV systems are available at Jaffna at an affordable price. you can get it installed at a competitive price, and professionally and on time by giving us a call today.Jaffna – known traditionally as the head of Sri Lanka, is a great ancient city with great history. Jaffna has also created an attractive note on geographical structure, climate, heritage, etc.

It should not be forgotten that it was the city which was widely affected by the tragic war of Sri Lanka. However, with the country now relieved from war and all terrorist activities, Jaffna is slowly gaining its population and business activities. The city has developed at a high pace considering the drawback it showed during the war.

CCTV system in Jaffna
Reliance Networks Holdings is now providing its island-known CCTV solution to the great city Jaffna as well. The increase in business activities and the population has shown us Jaffna as one of the emerging hot cities of Sri Lanka. Offices, shops, retail stores, residential apartments, etc. are now showing accelerating growth in Jaffna. The growth not only expresses development but also the demand for higher security. Hence, we consider Jaffna among the ideal and necessity cities that require expert CCTV solutions.


Hikvision CCTV cameras

Hikvision is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of CCTV cameras and related products. Reliance Networks Holdings is the sole dealers of all Hikvision products in Sri Lanka. Reliance Networks Holdings deliver the best innovative, and effective CCTV system in Sri Lanka. Our security solutions expel quality and efficiency at all levels. Hikvision provides a wide array of Security Cameras that support varying customer requirements. The product list ranges from the most simple analog cameras to the high performing, and feature-rich IP cameras.

Cheap and best CCTV

Our CCTV camera solution is not always standard. With the enthused support of our surveillance experts, we tailor make every CCTV solution to the desires ad requirements of our customer. Our sales team is ready to arrive in Jaffna, at your very own place, and present you a demonstration on how effective and efficient our solution could be. We always aim to make the solution at its best efficiency, ensuring that the total cost is at the lowest.

CCTV customer support

Reliance Networks Holdings provide an experienced and highly skilled team of CCTV technicians. We provide installation and maintenance services to Jaffna. Our technical team will arrive at your place with all tools and equipment they need for the installation. Our team is effective and dedicated and will ensure that all work is finished within time.

Contact Reliance Networks Holdings for the best CCTV system in Jaffna.

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