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CCTV in Maldives

Reliance Networks Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a well-reputed, innovative establishment in the providing of CCTV and Security solutions in Sri Lanka. We have retained a successful partnership with several world-class manufacturers. And we are the sole dealers of global-CCTV-brands such as HIKVISION, SAMSUNG, etc. We have delivered pioneering and high-end CCTV solutions to many places in Sri Lanka, including homes, apartments, hotels, hospital, government sites, special project, etc. The administration of Reliance Networks Holdings  has now come up with a strong and clear choice to spread its services to an international magnitude. We have decided to spread all our CCTV and Security services to islands of Maldives. We reflect this as a great growth to us and as a gain to all peoples in Maldives.

All our solutions, at all times, involves products and technologies that are best in quality. The security systems we offer is designed to produce high performance, and durability. Providing solutions that are marked for innovativeness, and custom-made has become our trademark. We respect our client’s desires at all time. And we have come to comprehend that one solution never fits everybody. Hence, our engineers provide the elasticity to change the solution with respect to the client’s need, budget, the size of the project, etc. Our team can handle any complex situation.

Our skilled team is ready to offer CCTV and Security Solutions in Maldives at any scale, whether it is home, offices, or industrial spaces. Our experts of surveillance are well skilled in designing CCTV solutions that custom-fits your environment. We can also provide a demonstration of our solution and products at your very own place, in a time that is well convenient to you.

We offer all our services, solutions, products at the very reasonable price in Maldives. With our stepping into Maldives, we dare to challenge that there shall be no vendor in Maldives who provides world-class products at a rate better than ours. Our dedicated team is ever ready to arrive at Maldives to install and set-up the CCTV network in your environment. Punctuality, client-friendly service, efficient solutions have always been among the most appreciated credits to us from all our clients.

Contact us to discuss further your custom-CCTV-solution.

We ensure safety and happiness of our clients.