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CCTV suppliers in Sri Lanka

The market of CCTV and all its relevant product is now thriving in Sri Lanka. Many in the nation, from individuals to officers, and companies have completely understood the importance and benefits through a CCTV Security System.



In today’s market, many vendors are advertising for numerous brands and varieties of CCTV cameras. Some are branded and some are from unknown manufacturers at a much cheaper rate. This stirs the mindset of the common public and creates a large confusion in choices. However, there remains one question that needs to be answered foremost. Is the vendor or the product trustworthy?

Trust comes with a warranty, and warranty is ensured with quality. Not every vendor who sells CCTV, provide quality products. It is the same reason as to why some products are significantly cheaper. In Reliance Networks Holdings, quality is the core policy. It is not within our business ethics to deal and deliver unwarranted or low-quality products to our clients, regardless of their status.

We are one company in the CCTV and Security industry that is 100% committed to maintaining quality in all our solutions, services, and products. We have earned our name, respect and recognition within this industry largely through our consistent quality. Partnering ourselves with global leading manufacturers is the technique we follow to ensure high quality at all times. This has given way to our continuing success as a CCTV supplier.

Today, Reliance Networks Holdings is the No.1 CCTV supplier in Sri Lanka. We deliver the best in the world to all our clients. Let it be in quality, performance, high-end designs, innovative solution, or client-first-service. Our excellent team of professionals is ever ready to assist the clients in selecting the best CCTV camera that best fits their requirement.

It should be noted that all our products are given at a reasonable price. We have proved ourselves as the first to deliver quality world-class products at such best price.