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Network Storage Device

• Highly performance with 64 BIT Multi-core Processor
• Up to 24 HDD, each disk up to 4TB capacity
• RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6,10, 50 supported
• Dual Gigabit network interfaces
• Modularization and redundant power design for highest

Model: | DS-A82024D
Processor: | Double Controller (64 BIT Multi-core Processer )
High-speed buffer: | 4GB per Controller (Can be extended to 8GB)
Video/Audio input and output
Record + Playback: | 448-ch
HDD interface: | SAS/1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB (SSD is optional)
Hot-swap disk: | Supports
RAID level: | RAID0/1/3/5/6/10/50, JBOD, Hot-Spare
Storage management
Disk management: | Disk Detection Alert & Repair
Data protection: | WORM Tamer-proofing, System Information Real-time Backup, Volume Clone
Device management
Management method: | GUI based on Web, Serial Pot CLI, Supports multidevice centralized management
Alarm type: | Voice, Light, email, SMS, Page
Log download: | U Disk Automatic Download, Login Webpage to Save Locally
Network External port
Data port: | 4kilomega Ethernet Port per Controller, Can Be Extended to 4*8GE or 2*10GE or Extend 4*8G FC Interface
Management port: | 1 kilomega Ethernet Port per Controller
SAS expansion port: | Supported
COM interface: | UPS 2 USB Interfaces per Controller, 1 for Hyper Terminal, 1 for Circumscribed Mobile Alarm
USB interface: | 2 USB Interfaces per Controller
Power supply: | Redundant Power Source (1+1)
Power consumption: | Working Consumption: ≤ 380W
Rating Power Consumption: ≤1050W
Temperature: | Working:5 ºC~40 ºC Storing: -20 ºC~70 ºC
Humidity: | Working: 20% ~80%RH (No Freezing, Condensation)
Storing: 5% ~90%RH (No Freezing, Condensation)
Chassis: | 19 Inch 4U Standard Chassis
Dimensions (W×H×D): | 447mm(Width)×172mm(Hight)×550mm(Depth)
Weight: | ≤32kg
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