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Great opportunity for Dealers


Unbelievable special Hikvision CCTV prices for dealers

When you join hands with us as dealers, you are entitled for numerous benefits from us.


  • Should achieve a minimum target of Rs.100, 000.00 per month and depending on the sale value and the quantity of goods the pricing for the products can be considered.
  • No credit is provided initial stage for purchasing of goods unless agreed by the both parties by signing an agreement. After 06 months according to their activities and sales the company will be consider maximum 48 days credit basis .(Condition apply)
  • Warranty should be 2 years for the equipment’s and the replacement of equipment’s will be in carry in basis and should be informed in prior notice.
  • A minimum of 30% off from the selling price could be provided for the minimum target achieved.
  • We will give you the first best price for the Hikvision CCTV products.
  • We keep our stores always filled and open. So you can collect all items you need anytime.
  • We will provide you with all technical support you need when you perform CCTV installation. We have a qualified professional team ready to support you.


  • Lower price – it gives you better buying power
  • Exclusivity – reduces your competitions
  • Expert engineering support at 24*7


  • Can provide long term & Short term rental
  • Minimum 06 months advance payments off cost for the rental period


We provide CCTV solutions that suit both residential and industrial environments. Our solutions are highly reliable and very cost effective.

Domestic Project

We have nearly a decade experience with CCTV products. We provide solutions that are exclusively designed for residential areas such as single houses, apartments, etc.

Our products and solutions are assuredly cost-effective. We have based these solutions fundamentally on three types as follows,

  • Analog CCTV
  • Turbo HD CCTV

IP cameras are the trending solution and we highly recommend them. IP cameras have a resolution that is five times better compared to Analog. All our products and cameras comes with a 12 years technical lifetime and 2 year warranty.

There are also Mobile and PC applications that allows your CCTV system to have Remote Monitoring facility. It allows you view your CCTV video right in your Mobile Phone including Apple, Samsung and any mobile device with Android or iOS operating systems, from anywhere in the world, and even take snapshots of it.

CCTV cameras helps you to monitor the entrance, exit, and surroundings of your resident. By setting CCTV security system in your domestic area, you provide extra safety to your home and family.

Industrial Project

We are the leading company in Sri Lanka in providing industrial CCTV solutions. Our official website could help you broadly to understand the extent of solutions we are providing. We have provided CCTV solutions for many Multi-National Companies, BOI companies, and small or medium enterprises. We are also the official CCTV suppliers for many national events including T20 World Cup, Dayata Kirula, etc.

Our CCTV solutions are exclusively designed and can be customized to suit any industrial environment including offices, factories, fuel stations, super markets, hotels, and so on.

Some of our recent projects include Keells supermarket, Arpico supercenter, Brandix Factories, Mas Factories, Ansell Lanka Factories, Kothalawala Defense University, Laughs gas station, etc. Visit our customer list to find more projects.

CCTV installed in an industrial environment helps you with,

  • Entry and Exit Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Parameter Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring
  • Monitor loading and unloading of goods


  • Monitor machinery
  • Theft control
  • Train staff
  • Improve health and safety

HIKVISION – Retail and Wholesales @ Pettah

No: 4/1, 1st Cross Street,Colombo – 11
Mobile: 0777 111 999
Hotline: 0114 600 600

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   Advantage of Direct Dealers from HIKVISION LANKA (PVT) LTD.

  • HIKVISION Head Office – HIKVISION Centre
  • Professional HIKVISION Showroom for Sales, Warranty & Service Centre
  • HIKVISION Pettah – Whole-sale Distribution Centre
  • HIKVISION Unity Plaza – Display Centre
  • HIKVISION & Reliance Call Centers are active for Sales & Emergency Services 7am to 9pm (7 days)

  • Reliance CCTV – HIKVISION CCTV Project Office
  • Over 100 Employees working for HIKVISION Sri Lanka
  • HIKVISION, RELIANCE CCTV team has an experience in CCTV more than 10 years in the industry.
  • Have gigantic level of experience in CCTV industry and have set of professionals who are expert in all technical services.
  • We have done huge CCTV projects with Sri Lanka’s Leading Multi-National Companies Successfully.

  • Following Hikvision Products ready to buy today, Unlimited Stock Products are available @ Hikvision Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
  • All types of HIKVISION products (over 500 models) are available in stocks.
  • All Sort of DVR – Industrial & Domestic, [4, 8, 16, 32, 64] Channel, up to 16 HDD
  • All Sort of NVR – Industrial & Domestic + PoE, [4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256] Channel, up to 48 HDD
  • All Sort of Analog – Industrial & Domestic, up to 80m Night Vision Cameras
  • All Sort of AHD/Turbo HD – Industrial & Domestic, up to 80m Night Vision Cameras
  • All Sort of IP – Industrial & Domestic, PoE, Motorized Vari-Focal, Face Tracking, E-PTZ Cameras
  • All Sort of Vari-Focal – Industrial Domestic/IP, Analog, AHD, TVI Cameras
  • All Sort of PTZ – Industrial PTZ, Auto-Tracking PTZ, Mini PTZ, Dark-Fighter PTZ Cameras
  • All Sort of Wireless – Industrial & Domestic, all type Cameras & Solutions
  • All Sort of Baby Monitoring & Cashier Monitoring Cameras
  • Number Plate Detection (LPR Cameras) Cameras
  • All Sort of Fish-Eye IP Cameras
  • All Sort of Head Counting & Face Detection Cameras

HIKVISION – Retail and Wholesales @ Pettah

No: 4/1, 1st Cross Street,Colombo – 11
Mobile: 0777 111 999
Hotline: 0114 600 600

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