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Head Counting


Counting people who enter and exit a specific area is very useful and common video analytics task. Our smart stereo video system is well capable of achieving 95% accurate results, even at high crowd density. The system best fits in public places including museums, shopping malls, retail outlets, hospitals, factories, and transport hubs. The technology has been updated to overcome the conventional problems associated with conventional sensors. The new developments in the system allows it to be free from the effects and influences of movement, shadows, and reflections.

The system can be mounted overhead at height ranging from 2-6 meters above ground. The unit incorporates Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) to minimize cabling. Easy installations, and setup with IP based remote access facility is an added advantage. The system is capable of incorporating with digital input and output. This allows the system to alert when a specific number of crowd has reached which is often helpful in complying with fire or emergency regulations. It is also cable of recognizing the walking direction of people which also helps calculate the number of people inside the building.

The system can be easily integrated with other systems in place, including CCTV, access control, and fire alarm to provide better management solutions