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HIKVISION CCTV Packages for Unbeatable Price over 50% Discount from the Regular price

The Right Place to Deal HIKVISION Products in Sri Lanka – HIKVISION Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

HIKVISION Industrial Level Camera Package – Highly Suitable for Large House, Office, Factore & Stores

Visit Our Professional HIKVISION CCTV Brand Showroom @ Wellawatta


  • HIKVISION Head Office – HIKVISION Centre
  • Professional HIKVISION Showroom for Sales, Warranty & Service Centre
  • HIKVISION Pettah – Whole-sale Distribution Centre
  • HIKVISION Unity Plaza – Display Centre
  • HIKVISION & Reliance Call Centers are active for Sales & Emergency Services 7am to 9pm (7 days)

  • Reliance CCTV – HIKVISION CCTV Project Office
  • Over 100 Employees working for HIKVISION Sri Lanka
  • HIKVISION, RELIANCE CCTV team has an experience in CCTV more than 10 years in the industry.
  • Have gigantic level of experience in CCTV industry and have set of professionals who are expert in all technical services.
  • We have done huge CCTV projects with Sri Lanka’s Leading Multi-National Companies Successfully.

  • Following Hikvision Products ready to buy today, Unlimited Stock Products are available @ Hikvision Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
  • All types of HIKVISION products (over 500 models) are available in stocks.
  • All Sort of DVR – Industrial & Domestic, [4, 8, 16, 32, 64] Channel, up to 16 HDD
  • All Sort of NVR – Industrial & Domestic + PoE, [4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256] Channel, up to 48 HDD
  • All Sort of Analog – Industrial & Domestic, up to 80m Night Vision Cameras
  • All Sort of AHD/Turbo HD – Industrial & Domestic, up to 80m Night Vision Cameras
  • All Sort of IP – Industrial & Domestic, PoE, Motorized Vari-Focal, Face Tracking, E-PTZ Cameras
  • All Sort of Vari-Focal – Industrial Domestic/IP, Analog, AHD, TVI Cameras
  • All Sort of PTZ – Industrial PTZ, Auto-Tracking PTZ, Mini PTZ, Dark-Fighter PTZ Cameras
  • All Sort of Wireless – Industrial & Domestic, all type Cameras & Solutions
  • All Sort of Baby Monitoring & Cashier Monitoring Cameras
  • Number Plate Detection (LPR Cameras) Cameras
  • All Sort of Fish-Eye IP Cameras
  • All Sort of Head Counting & Face Detection Cameras


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