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Hikvision Releases New EXIR Network Cameras to Better Illuminate Nighttime Environments

July 3, 2013, After the achievement of the May 2013 EXIR Analog Camera sequence, Hikvision – an international foremost in network cameras – is set to launch its new EXIR Network Camera sequence. This new EXIR sequence brags very good overall likeness usability, along with the benefits of bigger tenacity and industry-leading low-light presentation.

“As we know, tenacity is significant, but not everything. likeness processing is furthermore vital. Based on our rich experience in ISP (image pointer processing) expertise, Hikvision’s R&D team extends its pursuit of improved likeness value, particularly in difficult lighting situation. Our EXIR mesh Camera sequence is further proof of this goal,” said enthusiastic Yao, worldwide Marketing Director at Hikvision.

The new EXIR network camera sequence is comprised of the DS-2CD2200-I5 EXIR projectile Camera series and the DS-2CD2300-I EXIR Turret Camera sequence. Both characteristic highly-efficient lightweight source and enhanced LED light strength. By using the most sophisticated thin-film and light-emitting expertise, this series supplies up to 30% more illuminant efficiency over traditionally directed array expertise.

Furthermore, the EXIR mesh sequence even provides a 40% light-extraction rate enhancement over traditional forms, resulting in more powerful lightweight for long-range visibility usage. expressly, the DS-2CD2200-I5 EXIR Bullet Camera sequence boasts the smallest illumination at 0.01 lux@ F1.2 with AGC on, 0 lux with IR (with up to a 50m IR range). The DS-2CD2300-I EXIR Turret Camera is somewhat different, giving buyers another option. It boasts the same smallest illumination but with up to a 30m IR variety.

To make the most out of IR directed light, the two series both make directed lightweight in the pattern of a rectangle to better fit a screen’s usual dimensions (4:3 or 16:9). Additionally, it helps advance LED utilization effectiveness and decreases light contamination in the surrounding natural environment. Images are further optimized with EXIR’s luminance uniformity functionality. This feature assists to eradicate traditional LED lens issues, such as over-exposure at the center of images, and darker localities at bends.

Both sequences are comprised of forms with 1.3MP tenacity and 3MP tenacity, consigning pointed and clear images with the newest 1/3″ progressive scan CMOS. Images are further enhanced with a built-in 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), which substantially decreases disturbance. Additionally, D-WDR (Digital broad Dynamic variety) helps to accomplish critical minutia in images that include best features, shadows, and blended lighting – all without compromising on likeness value or hue accuracy.

This new mesh series furthermore benefits from effective codec compression (approximately 30% of 50% overhead traditional mesh cameras). This considerably decreases the transmission problem for both video data and storage on IP surveillance systems. In addition, IP66 defense, excellent heat dissipation, longer lifespan, and greater energy savings are but a couple of-of the advantages that Hikvision EXIR cameras convey.