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Importance of CCTV in Supermarkets


Supermarkets are among the places where supervision and security is vital but yet extremely difficult to be maintained. A supermarket is usually enormous in size with racks and partitions being literally everywhere. Some supermarkets contain specific sections or rooms that are commonly used as store rooms, employee rest rooms, or for other business purposes. They also house a wide range of inventory from everyday grocery items to expensive televisions, computers, etc.

  • Shoplifting is a major and increasing problem in any supermarkets. Customers steal items from supermarkets when no one is around. Economic fluctuations and increasing cost of living forces almost everyone to spend minimum to everyone, at least by means of such disloyal methods.
  • Employees of the supermarket skip work and take overwhelming break-times.
  • Supermarket’s own staff stealing from the shop.
  • Store rooms being invaded by thieves.
  • Employees stealing from the till.
  • Staffs slipping goods freely for their friends.

CCTV security system could help to prevent all such unpleasant incidents.

We have provided high performing CCT solutions to Arpico Supercenters, Keels Super, Laughs Supermarkets, etc.


Benefits of CCTV in a Supermarket.

CCTV provides convenient, and reliable monitoring facilities at your supermarket.

  • You can fix CCTV cameras anywhere within the supermarket and eliminate all insecure corners.
  • Wide range of CCTV cameras enables flexible choices and monitoring facilities.
  • Advanced security features like motion sensor allows to detect intruder activities at stores and during off-hours.
  • Infrared and True Day/Night features allows to capture bright, clear videos even in darker environments.
  • High resolution cameras with maximized zoom capacity enables clear, zoomed videos.
  • Cameras can be directed to any corner of the supermarket due to its high flexibility.


Hikvision Advantages

Our Hikvision DVR (Digital Video Recorder), NVR (Network Video Recorder) for the CCTV system can be customized to sit well with any yards or warehouse environment. And comes with numerous recording features. These recoding features include the following,

  • Remote monitoring through your Android, iOS, or any other operating systems
  • Motion detection recording
  • Time recording
  • 24*7 non-stop recording
  • Privacy marks
  • Video loss details
  • Intrusion detection
  • Pre-alarm recording
  • Trespass (unauthorized access) recording
  • From 6 months to 2 years continuous recording facility; based on hard drive capacity
  • Compatible with 3rd party products
  • Digital and Optical zoom capacity
  • Motion detection alarm support with siren sounds
  • Cashier activity detection

Advance recording features,

  • People counting
  • Face detection
  • Behavior detection
  • Vehicle number plate detection and recording
  • Object missing recording
  • Raid recording, up to 15