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IMS Research

IMS Research stands out to be one of the leading researchers in business topics. Their research conclusions have recognized and revealed many market trends, forecasting, global leaders, and growing sectors. IMS team of expert analysts have rated many global leaders of the modern era, spanning over a wide range of business sectors.
In 2010, IMS Research team conducted a research on world companies and rated every global leader in their respective field of business. HIKVISION was also selected under the category ‘Video surveillance’ and rated by their team. Their conclusions on this research publicized HIKVISION as the World’s NO.1 CCTV and DVR supplier. HIKVISION also retained the same position in the consecutive years as well. The ratings of HIKVISION was credited to its healthy and strong growth worldwide over the recent past. The company was well-recognized for their quality and high-end technology in all products.
Reliance Networks Holdings (Pvt) Ltd of Sri Lanka, is a company largely dedicated to the widespread provision of CCTV products. From our inception onwards, we are determined to deliver the highest quality in the world. HIKVISION products, with achieving the top ranking, came to be the perfect choices for us. We deal with HIKVISION due to their highest level of quality products, innovative thinking, affordable rate, user-friendly-operations, durability, and ease of business.
HKVISION products help us to achieve our dream of revolutionizing security and surveillance standards in Sri Lanka.
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