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LAUGFS Project

LAUGFS Holdings is one of the leading companies of Sri Lanka n today’s period. They have spread their roots into petroleum, LP gas, supermarket, and a few more industries. Their products are at an affordable price to all common public and certainly competitive in the industry. LAUGFS branches can be seen almost all over the island.

Reliance Networks Holdings is the proud supplier of CCTV Security System or LAUGFS Holdings. LAUGFS provided Reliance Networks Holdings this contract after analyzing us against all CTV suppliers in the nation. We supplied our CCTV Security System to all LAUGFS Fuel Stations, Supermarkets all over the island.

We equipped LAUGFS with high-quality security products from Hikvision. Our CCTV solution for LAUGFS included high-resolution security cameras, with advanced security features such as night vision. Other security features included motion detection, face recognition, intrusion detection, alarm and siren features, and many more.

We completed all LAUGFS location with a high note of our service. Our expert team of technicians and engineers provided LAUGFS with customer-friendly, punctual, and hassle-free service. LAUGFS management noted that it was more than pleasing to join us. For us, it comes as no wonder; for we deal all our clients with the same hospitality.