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Miss Sri Lanka in Europe – 2015

‘Miss Sri Lanka in Europe – 2015’ is a beauty contest organized by France Sri Lanka Welfare Society in Paris, France. Its Grand Finale is expected to be held in Milan, Italy on 15 November 2015. Ms. Gayani Batz, a well-known celebrity makeup artist from Sri Lanka, is the head of the organization for this prestigious event. The founding committee, France Sri Lanka Welfare Society, is well-recognized as a non-profit organization supporting peace, friendship, and prosperity among all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. All funds raised by this pageant event will be donated as essential medicines to kidney patients in various hospitals around Sri Lanka. They have further donated medical facilities such as beds, bed covers, and equipment in the past.

Reliance Networks Holdings is the proud sponsor for the Grand Finale of Miss Sri Lanka in Europe – 2015. We are proud that we share a part in recognizing many young and beautiful faces, models, and well-talented stylists and fashion designers. We believe that this is our contribution to uplift the pageant industry of Sri Lanka in Europe. It also pleases us that the event has a moral mission to support kidney patients in Sri Lanka.

Moreover, we believe that this sponsorship would take our name to a different level; providing us, our business, our values a deserving exposure among the international crowd.