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Number-plate Detection


Vehicle registration-number identification is often required at many investigation scenarios. Local police, investigators, or even individuals find vehicle-number as a good lead to study crime scene, and identify the suspects. Vehicle number-plate identification allows you in cases like,
• Robbery, or a robber getting on a vehicle and running away.
• Murder or any other crime scenario.
• Identifying suspicious or unauthorized vehicles.
• Record-maintenance of vehicles that enters and exits the premises.
• Identify people who vandalizes you property or causes you nuisance, or identify the vehicle they come in.

Our security cameras produces the best high resolution images with extreme zoom capability, both optical and digital. Bright and clear images at high zoom levels helps to clearly read vehicle-numbers. Other recording features such as rewind, and pause also assist the identification. True Day/Night and Smart IR feature lets you to recognize vehicle-number in dim light situations, or even in night.

Recognizing vehicle-number plates helps you to be aware of any suspicious activities in your surroundings. It lets your security monitoring to be enhanced by detecting unauthorized vehicles. Knowing the vehicle number that has caused you damage or disturbances with visual evidence will largely help you in filling complaints against them.