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HIKVISION Office CCTV Solutions



The importance of CCTV in Offices.

An office is an organized place where business and professional activities take place. Our experience in the security and surveillance industry has taught us the safety challenges in an office environment; both big and small. Every corporate environment is faced with security challenges on a daily basis.

  • Theft is the most common of them all. Outsiders peek into the office and steal office properties when security is low. Not only outsiders but also the office’s own employees attempt to cheat when driven by greed.
  • Important documents relating to business, properties, future-business-arrangement or agreements, etc. are also mostly stored in an office. Business competitors, thieves, or even disloyal employees can steal or change these documents to suit their personal benefits.
  • Office property is damaged causelessly by others.
  • Office staffs mistreatment, false claims, a dispute among employees are also common these days.
  • Employees or intruders trespassing into unauthorized areas of the office.


Hence, a corporate is heavily in need of a security assistance to face all these challenges. CCTV camera system provides appropriate support to all such challenges. CCTV system allows you to monitor all places of your office from one place. It also gives you a peace of mind through enhanced safety facilities.

Benefits of CCTV in an office.

By placing the cameras in the correct locations of your building or office you can eliminate all places that encourage security challenges. CCTV also helps you to monitor your staffs and lead them to be more productive. It also serves as a visual evidence to both prove and disprove all claims of your employees. High-resolution cameras produce clear and bright video. Varying specifications of camera adheres well with varying location requirements. Advanced security features allow controlled access to the system.

Other benefits of CCTV includes,

  • Reduction of annual theft
  • Eliminate of internal theft by employees and contractors
  • Monitoring daily operations
  • Remote monitoring facility
  • Improve customer service
  • Ward off trespassers and vandals

Reliance Networks Holdings have offered CCTV supplies and services for nearly a decade. We have installed our CCTV products in many corporate offices and have returned with excellent feedback.

 Hikvision Advantages

Our Hikvision DVR (Digital Video Recorder), NVR (Network Video Recorder) for the CCTV system can be customized to sit well with any office environment. And comes with numerous recording features. These recoding features include the following,


• Remote monitoring through your Android, iOS, or any other operating systems
• Motion detection recording
• Time recording
• 24*7 non-stop recording
• Privacy marks
• Video loss details
• Intrusion detection
• Pre-alarm recording
• Trespass (unauthorized access) recording
• From 6 months to 2 years continuous recording facility; based on hard drive capacity
• Compatible with 3rd party products
• Digital and Optical zoom capacity
• Motion detection alarm support with siren sounds
• Cashier activity detection
Advance recording features,
• People counting
• Face detection
• Behavior detection
• Vehicle number plate detection and recording
• Object missing recording
• Raid recording, up to 15


Remote Monitoring of CCTV System





The newest advancement of Hikvison CCTV System is the ability to view CCTV footage in real-time from your mobile devices. This is a ground-breaking contemporary solution adapting the use of the internet.

The process of this technology is sophisticated, but it is made simple through the new and advanced DVRs from Hikvision. The latest DVRs from Hikvision has the ability to connect with the internet, allowing the device to perform an additional function – transfer all CCTV video over the internet. Hence, any devices with the necessary software and access code can easily receive and display those videos, in real-time. This includes PC, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc. The device needs to be installed with appropriate software which comes with the CCTV System to successfully receive the videos over the internet. The software support almost all operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Blackberry OS.

Reliance Networks Holdings can bring you the best remote monitoring technology in the world.

Benefits of Hikvision Remote Monitoring.

  • Can work with any devices including PC, Laptop, Mobile Phones, and Tablets.
  • Works well with all operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Blackberry.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Allows monitoring in real-time.
  • Allows viewing or playback of previous CCTV footage from your mobile device.
  • Can be viewed from anywhere in the world with a valid internet connection.
  • User-friendly applications makes easy to operate.
  • Can support high-resolution video and zoom features.
  • Smooth and uninterrupted display of videos.
  • Supports any number of CCTV channels.
  • Allows CCTV management easy through remote monitoring.

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