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Restaurant CCTV Systems


Restaurant Monitoring

Restaurants are ideal places that give you an occasional get-away with your loved ones and experience different cuisines, from authentic to continental. However, restaurants require a cautious and standard service and management to maintain a continuing success in the business. The slightest mistake could displease customers and eventually lead to the downfall of the business. Irresponsible employees or waiters are also unfitting factors for the business. Some of the serious issues faced by restaurant owners are,

  • Dishonest waiters and other employees stealing from the cash desk. If a waiter has not been given enough tips, he is tempted to steal from the cashbox. Some tend to do this as a routine, regardless of how much tips they get. Managerial staffs attempting to maintain false accounts in their personal favor also a great drawback for the development of business.
  • Workers being lazy is also a crime within the restaurant. Restaurants are supposed to please every customer from his/her entrance to exit. Workers have to look into every customer’s needs and requests as soon as possible. Chefs and his assistants should be well energized to deliver the ordered menu in the quickest time.
  • Workers taking cooked and raw foods from the kitchen is also an issue. Taking food above the allotted quota, if any, shrinks the inventory considerably. The management will have to restock more frequently, which in turn increases the expenses.
  • Distracted waiters bring down the reputation. When a worker or server is distracted by whatever, it shows off his lack of professionalism. The distraction may result from simple to serious issues.

Such issues can be sorted out with the careful implementation of a CCTV system.

The benefits of CCT in restaurants are as follows,

  • Helps to identify dishonest employees by placing CCTV cameras toward cash desks.
  • Identify sitting-chefs or workers, and take appropriate actions
  • Detect and reduce internal thefts by employees.
  • Monitor staff performances and provide proper training.
  • Validate customer and employee claims.

However, such benefits are not achieved by merely fixing cameras everywhere. It requires the touch of a surveillance professionals. Reliance Networks Holdings is well capable of handling restaurant CCTV systems. We understand the locations that are best and crucial for CCTV cameras. We can help you decide which camera type sits well in which location. Our solutions come with high quality, world-class products, and affordable pricing.

We have delivered successful solutions in Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and Barista.