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Smart CCTV Solution for Hotel


Hikvision Smart CCTV Solution for Hotel

Innovative Smart security features, advanced video analytics technology, and IP based product, combines to make the intelligent Smart CCTV Solution, designed for hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka.


Enhanced Smart Security Features.

High quality video for staff and assets security.

Market-leading IP ProductsOur latest solution is been merged with the latest production line of Hikvision IP Cameras. The solution consists the LightFighter series, DarkFighter series, 4K series, 6MP Ultra HD series, and new 3MP WDR series, with industry-leading product performance.

Panoramic view
Hikvision Panoramic cameras can provide a complete view of the whole room placed at the right position. Our 12 MP panoramic cameras can provide high quality videos with superior high resolution.

Ultra Low Light

Hikvision’s newest advances, Darkfighter Ultra Low-Light cameras are proficient of capturing bright and clear videos even in low light conditions. This is much helpful for post event investigations.

Super WDR

Hikivision’s new production line, Lighfighter is specifically designed to support backlight scenarios. It can deliver brighter images, and capture clearer inside and outside footages of your store.

Outdoor Protection

Our IR bullet cameras, with IP67 water-proof protection, and IR arrays LEDs, give an unmatched high performance capturing steady video at all times. They deliver brighter images even in nighttime.


Adaptable Solutions

The smart CCTV solutions fits well on small and average sized applications with Smart IPC and Smart NVRs with Smart features. The efficiency of the system is extra developed with Smart feature and video analytics of iVMS-5200 Professional Software; making the system fit for medium and large scale applications.

Customizability to suit Vertical Applications

The Reliance Networks Holdings’ smart CCTV solutions is boosted with Smart security features and video analytics containing people-head-counting, heat-mapping, and LPR to name a few. The solution is an all-in-one platform allowing easy administration of cameras, NVRs, alarms, access controls and decoders. The grouping of such features creates the system tailor-fit to be used in many applications including hotels and resorts.

Exclusive products for better and secure environment

Wide range of covert cameras

Hikvision newest production line delivers cameras with compact design, allowing discrete surveillance. HD resolution, dual lens unit design are also perfect for discreet operations.


We provide cameras that could perfectly blend-in with the shops environment such as Recessed Mount Dome cameras. Our products are also easy to fix, ensuring faster and hassle-free installations.



Other Smart Security Features.

Smart CCTV solutions comprises of several smart security features. This comprises area entering and leaving, object removing and leaving, object counting, target cropping and ANPR.

Target Cropping Stream

Video streams could be directed in separated paths. The third stream of the video can be programmed to be transferred to a varied source for recording in distinct resolution pre-defined. This helps you to obtain more details of a specific targeted area if required.

Object Counting

A specific area of interest could be allotted to assign the camera to count heads entering and exiting the premises. This can include not only humans but also vehicles and other objects. The system can also be programmed to offer statistical reports.

Location Enter / Exit

People, vehicles, and other objects that enter and exit a pre-determined area can be detected by this feature, allowing the system to trigger alarms and notifications.

Object Left Behind / Object Removed

This is similar security feature like others. It detects for objects that are left or removed in a pre-defined area, triggering the alarm eventually.


On-board ANPR analytics allow the ability to detect and recognize a vehicle’s license plate and send ANPR info to a Smart NVR or iVMS-5200P for access management. Supports may vary based on local LPR algorithm development and customization process required