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Smart Shop CCTV solution

Hikvision Smart Shop Solution from Reliance Networks


United with Hikvision, Reliance Networks Holdings brings you the most comprehensive IP CCTV Security system into Sri Lanka. The Smart Shop Solution is entirely dedicated to IP-based security and productivity. The solution helps you to protect employee’s security and assets, prevent losses and internal theft. The system offers great productivity evaluation, optimized merchandizing, and multi-location management. Our Smart Shop Solution is exclusively designed for an independent shop, department store, and chain stores, etc.

Smart Shop Solution is not alike the typical CCTV system you get. It offers an advanced selection of security features that elevates the level of security found. The smart solution combines the ultimate facilities by Hikvision, including hardware advancement, innovative designs, software upgrades, advanced video analytics, security detection methods, etc.


The key features of our Smart Shop Solution are as described below.

  • High-resolution video for staff and property safeguarding.
  • Exclusive secret cameras to create aesthetical shopping environment.
  • Customizable for internal theft-prevention.
  • Intelligent platform designed for better productivity.

The Smart Shop Solution covers the range of security and managerial issues encountered by shops in Sri Lanka such as,

  • Security of staffs and customers.
  • Internal theft and loss prevention.
  • Preventing break-ins during off-hours.
  • Evaluate business productivity.
  • Asses store’s performance layout.
  • Making store less intrusive.

High-quality video for staff and assets security.
Panoramic view
1– Less cameras but more coverage
Hikvision Panoramic cameras can deliver a full view of the entire location positioned at the right place. Our 12 MP panoramic cameras can deliver high-quality videos with superior high resolution.
Ultra Low Light
2– Excelling nighttime visibility
Hikvision’s latest innovations, Darkfighter Ultra Low-Light cameras are capable of capturing bright and clear videos even in low light situations. This is much helpful for post-event investigations.
Super WDR
3– Clearer inside and outside visibility
Division’s new production line, Light fighter is specifically designed to support backlight scenarios. It can deliver brighter images, and capture clearer inside and outside footages of your store.
Outdoor Protection
4– Extremely weatherproof guard
Our IR bullet cameras, with IP67 waterproof protection, and IR arrays LEDs, give an unmatched high performance capturing steady video at all times. They deliver brighter images even in nighttime.

Exclusive products for better and secure environment
Wide range of covert cameras
1– Create disturb free environment for shoppers
Hikvision latest production line delivers cameras with compact design, allowing discrete surveillance. HD resolution, dual lens unit design are also ideal for discreet operations.
2– Blend in perfectly
We deliver cameras that could perfectly blend in with the shops environment such as Recessed Mount Dome cameras. Our products are also easy to fix, ensuring faster and hassle-free installations.

Customized Products
POS event detection
– Place products to play deterrent role for potential criminals
Our specialized cameras such as Cashier Cam can play a specific and centralized role to monitor potential criminals.
Criminal Deterrent
– Instantaneous detection with POS cashier
The iVMS-5200 Professional platform or POS NVR can realize seamless POS integration, POS data searching and alarm triggering while exception occurs.

Intelligent Platform for Productivity
Peak time identifier
5– Evaluate sales performance
Intelligent video analytics systems such as people counting can provide accurate counting and present report of customer flow into the shop and help organize activities effectively.
Layout Optimization
6– Improve merchandising efficiency with shop layout
Fisheye cameras deliver better efficiency. They can capture a 360 degree dead-corner-free surveillance. Further, the camera can deliver heat mapping analysis as well.

Multi-Shop monitoring
Hikvision iVMS-5200 Professional is a commanding centralized management platform that can realize multi-spot customer flow assessment by working with People Counting analytic camera.