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Toyota Project

Toyota is a world renowned automotive brand. Renowned to the extent where it needs no introduction. Toyota brand is also among the leading vehicle population in Sri Lanka. These produce a wide range of automotive from fuel efficient low budget cars to high performing rough terrain vehicles. It is not very hard to find a Toyota Service Station or Showrooms in the island, especially in the major cities.

Reliance Networks Holdings is the supplier of CCTV System for Toyota’s Maharagama Service Station. Service stations are normally filled with a large number of vehicles. It also includes expensive machinery and equipment. They are left with a high potential for theft and hazardous situation. Hence, it is crucial to guard the location with a proper security system. The management of Maharagaama Service Station was well satisfied with our proposal on CCTV solution. Hence, they authorized the project for us.

All products in our solutions were from Hikvision; the world’s leading CCTV manufacturer. We equipped the service station with high-resolution cameras in all crucial locations. Our solution consisted motion detection and intrusion detection facility to restrict access to all unauthorized places. Day/Night cameras to capture bright images even in low light or night scenarios were also part of the solution.

All our products and solutions are number one in quality, durability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our expert team of technicians gave Toyota a first-class service and completed the project within time.